Team development

Learn how to run development workshops to support co-operation in intercultural teams

Working across borders and between companies presents a variety of challenges, friction and conflicts are frequent occurrences. As an Intercultural facilitator you can assist teams with a workshop design to uncover stumbling blocks that may occur in intercultural co-operation, clarifying different expectations the team members may have, roles, processes and contact points for their issues, finding and implementing sustainable solutions.


In this seminar you will learn and apply various models and methods for diagnosing team situations. You will develop workshop designs for different team situations based on your diagnoses and check the effectiveness of various practice methods in an intercultural context. Personality profiles help you identify resources and promote an appreciation of different inclinations and values. This will sharpen your eye for complex relationship networks in intercultural teams and expand your know-how in your dealings with problems based on intercultural team conflicts.




  • Task clarification and diagnoses in the team development process
  • The 4 phase model of team work
  • Roles and personalities in intercultural teams
  • Influence from company and national cultures on the team culture
  • Relationship patterns and value conflicts within the intercultural team
  • Feedback in an international culture context
  • Training and practice methods and their application in different target cultures
  • Feedback and team spirit in teams.


This seminar consists of a two day on-site training.


Your Trainer: Brigitte Speicher

Seminar language: German 

Number of participants: 6-12

Seminar area: 

Viva Vita Freising
Gartenstr. 57, 85354 Freising


Dates on request


Your investment:

Seminar fee € 690 + € 80 conference package plus VAT.


IBT/M Alumni: You will receive over 25 % discount on the seminar fee

You pay € 517 + € 80 conference package plus VAT.


SIETAR Members will receive € 40 discount on a 1-day seminar fee; € 80 discount on a 2-day seminar fee.




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