NLP Techniques for intercultural trainers

NLP provides an array of tried and tested techniques for excellent communication and successful self-management

You will be able to help your participants master the intercultural challenges of their profession in a concise and comprehensible way – regardless of whether the need is to build a rapport with an international business partner, or to overcome their own mental blocks.


We have gathered a range of approaches and techniques with which you will be able to expand your training toolbox. In addition, these approaches can be used in strategic communication with your participants and your own self-management: for access to all your resources in tricky seminar situations as well as the necessary self discipline for your preparation day at your lonely desk.




  • NLP principles in an intercultural context.
  • Activating recourses by anchoring.
  • Creating specific wavelengths with your audience.
  • Achieving targeted listening with perception channels.
  • Developing concise and comprehensive training.
  • Positive Conviction.
  • Gaining empathy using perspective switching.
  • Creating new behavioural patterns for day-to-day and training room situations.


This seminar consists of a two day on-site training.


Your trainer: Brigitte Speicher

Seminar language: German 

Number of participants: 6-12

Seminar area: Munich


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Your investment

Seminar fee € 580 + € 80 conference package plus VAT.


IBT/M Alumni: You will receive over 25 % discount on the seminar fee

You pay € 430 + € 80 conference package plus VAT.


SIETAR Members will receive € 40 discount on a 1-day seminar fee; € 80 discount on a 2-day seminar fee.



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