Intercultural Mediation for Intercultural Trainers

Constructive conflict resolution with intercultural competence

More people than ever work in cross cultural teams, for companies doing business on an international level, in virtual teams from offices all around the world. Being able to broaden one’s mind by getting to know to other cultures has many advantages and opportunities – and a lot of sand in the wheels of daily business co-operation. Misunderstandings, different communication styles, values, concepts of leadership and hierarchy, negiotiation techniques lead to conflicts. When they escalate, intercultural mediation can help the parties to solve them.


Mediation is an approved method enabling people and organizations to solve their conflicts constructively. Its aim always is that the involved persons find a win-win solution.


In this seminar you become acquainted with the basic tools of mediation and combine them with helpful models from intercultural theory. Thus you gain the ability to face intercultural conflicts in your professional life with mediation skills: as a manager, a consultant, or a colleague.



  • The mediation process.
  • First principles of the mediation concept.
  • My role as a mediator.
  • The win-win strategy as a solution oriented concept.
  • Communication and conflict styles in different cultures.
  • Different meaning and handling of content and relationship aspect.
  • Different cultural conflict escalation processes.
  • Preventing conflicts in intercultural environments.


This seminar consists of a one day on-site training course.


Your Trainer: Gary Thomas

Seminar language: English

Number of participants: 6-12

Seminar area: Fresing nearby Munich


Viva Vita Tagungshaus

Gartenstraße 57

85354 Freising

Tel.: 08161 4830151

Fax: 08161 4830-150




Dates on request


Your investment

Seminar fee € 290 + € 40 conference package plus VAT.

IBT/M Alumni: € 149 + € 40 conference package plus VAT.

Sietar Deutschland e.V. Members: € 149 + € 40 conference package plus VAT.




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