Coaching Skills for intercultural trainers

As an intercultural trainer you provide your participants with valuable input, creating a practice-orientated space, for expanding their knowledge.

Your participants are of a wide range of development levels and handle the challenges you set them in different ways. In this seminar you will cultivate and expand your training skills through the coaching process, allowing you to be able to develop and guide your participants through their learning experience. You will learn what questions will support the participants' ability to appreciate their intercultural strengths and how you, during training, can help them implement their acquired skills in daily life.



  • Foundational coaching attitude in the context of training
  • Creating challenges suited to various learning types
  • Applying coaching models in the training context
  • Activating the participants' resources with coaching questions
  • Feedback methods in training under consideration of cultural differences
  • Intercultural coaching by switching perspectives
  • Dealing with stumbling blocks in training
  • FLOW as a basis to motivate learning
  • Support your participants in dealing positively with change.


This seminar consists of a one day on-site training.


Your trainer: Susanne Dranaz

Seminar language: English

Number of participants: 6-12

Seminar location: Freising nearby Munich


Viva Vita Tagungshaus

Gartenstraße 57

85354 Freising

Tel.: 08161 4830151

Fax: 08161 4830-150



Dates on request


Your investment:

Seminar fee € 290 + € 40 conference package plus VAT.


IBT/M Alumni: € 149 + € 40 conference package plus VAT.

Sietar Deutschland e.V. Members: € 149 + € 40 conference package plus VAT.




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