Competence Analysis

Success in international business means knowing one’s own strengths, competencies and preferences


With our tools Intercultural Readiness Check and Insights Discovery we have two instruments that help you understand yourself better and enhance your strengths and the strengths of your multicultural project team when acting in an international business environment.


The Intercultural Readiness Check allows to assess intercultural competence by means of four given values. This allows you and your staff to define your strengths and to learn where you can become even more effective.


Insights Discovery enables you to analyse your communicative competencies and that of your team members, giving you the possibility to discover certain patterns of behaviour. This way, you and your staff will have the chance to increase your effective behaviour, to be able to approach new situations and new clients more successfully.


Interested? If you wish to know more about our Intercultural Competence analysis please contact us.

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