Intercultural Train-the-Trainer programme (IBT/M)®

This unique train-the-trainer programme will provide you with all the skills you need to develop and deliver intercultural trainings and workshops. By developing your skill set as an intercultural trainer it will enable you to support your clients in being internationally successful. 




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The programme offers you a focus on training and facilitation skills for the international business environment. The Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M)® course is certified by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Trainingsqualität e.V (DGIKT). Participants who successfully complete the programme achieve the status of DGIKT certified trainer.

This train-the-trainer certification course is suitable for you if you work or would like to train to work as a self-employed or company-internal intercultural trainer, consultant or facilitator, whether as an English native-speaker or as a non native-speaker who would enjoy the challenge of moderating and delivering trainings in English. It is also suited for those who are looking to start their own business as a trainer or moderator.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Demanding, practise-oriented train-the-trainer/moderator programme: The focus lies on the development of your intercultural trainer and moderator competence.
  • Intercultural training programme in English
  • 14 days training in 6 modules on just 5 dates
  • Partcipation in our accompanying e-IBT/M programme on our assist Virtual Campus
  • Peer coaching programme as well as project work between the training modules
  • Opportunity for long-term networking with IBT/M alumni in our IBT/M community forum
  • Qualified and experienced trainer team with many years of experience in the international training and moderation environment
  • Intercultural trainer certification according to the guidelines and standards of the 'Deutsche Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Trainingsqualität (DGIKT) e.V.'
  • Carried out in small groups of max. 14 participants. Groups with 8 or more participants are accompanied by 2 trainers in every module


Content of the modules

IBT/M1: Intercultural Business Communication (2 days face-to-face training)

In our two-day basics module for intercultural know-how you will gain a practise-based foundation in intercultural theory, you will learn how cultures work and develop. You will gain an understanding of the unconscious effects cultures have on our behaviour. You will have the opportunity to reflect on the implications for your business and working environment. Furthermore you will receive an introduction into the different methodologies applied in intercultural communication training to improve intercultural awareness and competence.


IBT/M2: Train the trainer (Webinar + 3 days face-to-face training)

Our train-the-trainer module means developing your own personal style as an intercultural trainer and the enhancement of your training skills. How to use non-verbal and verbal communication effectively to motivate & activate participant involvement and how to systematically and strategically improve your rapport with your training group. How to determine participants' training needs and how to effectively structure a training session using psychological models of learning styles and perception channels to meet the needs of different participants. How to handle questions and difficult training situations. Specific fruitful feedback including video analysis allows you to communicate authentically, with confidence and conviction with your target groups. Video recordings of your own performances will be made available to you post-training to enhance your long-term improvement.


IBT/M3: Developing and designing intercultural trainings (Webinar + 3 days face-to-face training)

Successful intercultural training sessions and programmes are designed to consider a variety of factors. In this module you learn to systematically address these issues to create participant-centered learning situations. Furthermore you will examine when and how to use key methods used in intercultural training, including handling critical incidents, culture standards and culture assimilators. 
At the end of this module you will have gained a practical understanding of how the different methods, including blended learning concepts, for intercultural learning can be applied and structured and how you can design your own training materials. This module will also support you to further develop your intercultural skills. We will also consider the issue of culture-specific and culture general training and how these can be combined and balanced in intercultural training.


IBT/M4: Effective intercultural moderation (Webinar + 2 days face-to-face training)

As an intercultural moderator you have the task of accompanying and leading a process of group dynamics, by attaining acceptance of your role by the group as well as by providing a framework structure that is motivating, controlled, and target-oriented. In this module you will experience and actively practice the role of the moderator at first hand. The feedback you receive will help you to develop and enhance your ability to apply moderation tools and techniques systematically. You will gain input on workshop design, facilitating workshops for international teams and how to handle difficult situations in a moderation.


IBT/M5: Implementing and designing simulation and activities (Webinar + 2 days face-to-face training)

Communication exercises, experiential activities, case methodology and cultural simulations are some of the most frequently used methods when developing intercultural awareness and the ability to communicate across cultures. In this module you will experience a cross-section of the simulations and activities available on the market and to discover the important aspects to consider when carrying out intercultural simulations and intercultural communication activities. Once acquainted with the material and how it should be applied, we will then take the time to invest this know-how into considering how you can develop your own activities and simulations for the purposes of your target groups in intercultural business training.


IBTM/6: Evaluation and certification (2 days)

The Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator training programme is concluded by practical and written training and moderation tests designed to meet the standards and guidelines of the 'Deutsche Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Trainingsqualität (DGIKT) e.V.'


Goals and Methodology

This unique english-speaking certfication course focuses on the development of your training and moderation skills as an intercultural trainer in the international business environment. Become a coach for intercultural competence, to prepare managers for overseas placements, for the intercultural education of employees and the development of intercultural teams.
In order to make the face-to-face sessions as practical as possible, the theoretical frameworks will be delivered in an interactive webinar before each module.


Brief trainer inputs and theoretical models are presented with their relevance to business training in mind and accompanied by practice sessions and 'learning-by-doing'. Close attention is paid to the integration of your learning goals as a participant and to creating the opportunity to reflect and draw on your own experiences. Your personal learning process is reinforced by intensive feedback on your observable behaviour as a trainer/moderator, including video analysis. Peer-coaching and an online learning plattform ensures sustainable learning between the modules.



14 days Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M) training programme
face-to-face training+Virtual Campus € 3.890,- (consists of the seminar fee of € 3330,- and a conference fee of € 560,-) This amount is free of VAT. § 4 Nr. 21 a) bb) UStG


Payment in instalments is possible on request.

Here are our terms and conditions.


This investment contains:

  • Participation in four preparatory webinars 7-10 days between the face-to-face modules
  • 14 day on-site training in 6 module on just 5 dates
  • Max. 14 participants, 2 per module for groups of 8 or more participants
  • Access to the online learning platform for your learning group on our assist Virtual Campus
  • Training material and documentation
  • Conference fee (lunch and refreshment) in the seminar hotel
  • Access to the platform of the IBT/M Alumni upon successful completion of the programme

Moreover you will learn about Blended Learning concepts that enable you to increase your training's impact


Dates & Location

The next intercultural trainer certification program in English will take place in Freising (Near Munich Airport): 

Modul 1 IBT/M1: Intercultural Business Communication 13. - 14.10.2017

Modul 2 IBT/M2: Train The Trainer 09. - 11.11.2017
Modul 3 IBT/M3: Developing intercultural training programmes 07. - 09.12.2017
Modul 4 IBT/M4: Effective Moderation 25. - 26.01.2018
Modul 5 IBT/M5: Implementing and designing simulations and activities 27. - 28.01.2018
Modul 6 IBT/M6: Evaluation and Certification 02. - 03.03.2018


Your intercultural trainers: Susanne Dranaz, Brigitte Speicher, Gary Thomas & members of the assist International HR team


Interested? Please contact us contact@international-hr.de or 05251/875432


Here is our registration form.


Funding opportunities: To receive advice and support about some of the funding possible in Germany, be it the 'NRW Bildungsscheck', 'iWin in Niedersachsen' or the 'Bildungsprämie' just drop us a line.



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SIETAR members: participate in the Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M)®. We will return the costs of your SIETAR Germany membership fee of €160,-

Not a member of SIETAR Germany yet? Take part in the IBT/M programme. We will take over your membership fee of €160.-.
Further information about the Society for Intercultural Training and Research (SIETAR) Deutschland e.V www.sietar-deutschland.de



What do our participants say?

The level of participant satisfaction with the IBT/M® programme is extremely high. Please contact us, we will be happy to put you in contact with a variety of participants from our past IBT/M programmes.


Here you will find some feedback from our participants. Many thanks to our graduates for their support!



Frank Wickertsheim
Mark Lycett (english)

Petra Vogt
Douglas Hallam (english)
Fiona McDonald
Manije Khabirpour (english)
Katrin Gottwald
Kathrin Pantle (english)
Hartwig Kinder 
Anja Gnaedig (english)
Marcus Lemke
Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson (english)
Meike Weidenhammer 
Sabine Schulte
Ines Hofmann 
Romana Meinhardt 
Antje Hottejan
Ulrike Dorgeis
Claudia Meichelbeck
Sarah Schnorbus 



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