Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery – A tool to learn more about yourself and others


With Insights Discovery you will gain a deeper understanding of your own preferences and behavioural attitudes as well as of those of your clients and colleagues, supporting you in your personal development or team development. Furthermore, you will focus on  your skills and competences as a manager.



This is what you can expect:

  • You will enhance your self-confidence and communication competencies.
  • You will learn how to establish a better rapport with others. ,This makes you, your personal environment and your team stronger.
  • You will experience different roles and management styles.
  • When applied to  teams, it is possible to gain a deep insight into the dynamics of the team, the commonalities the main differences  and how different team members can engage in a more effective way together.
  • You will learn more about successful organizational design in order to create sensible dynamics in your organization and meaningful tasks for your staff.


If you wish to…

  • understand yourself better
  • enhance your social and communicative competencies
  • strengthen your relationship to clients
  • get a total picture of your team and their preferences for interacting and communicating
  • heighten the efficiency of your team

…then Insights Discovery is the right tool for you.


Insights Discovery is rooted in Jung’s psychological theories and works with his Model of Four Colour Energies. The model analyses personal preferences which, in a second step, are evaluated online. The results are summarized in preference-profiles which show the personality’s strengths and weaknesses. These are also explained in a written report of 20-40 pages. The report contains more than just hints on communication style, ideas how to improve and suggestions about what a team can learn from a better communication style.


We offer Insights Discovery as a tool for individual coaching or in group workshops. The ideal complement to the Insights Discovery preference profile would then be the feedback-profile done with Insights Discovery Full Circle.


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