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Guestbook filled by _MarcoU am 01.31.2017; 11:14:05 h

This page is awesome

I really enjoyed reading , bookmarked your website

Guestbook filled by _Nicole Lyotier Stroeble am 06.18.2015; 17:18:13 h

Recommendation for the IBT/M Programme

Hi international-hr folks,

I was recently asked about the IBT/M programme that I was a participant in back in 2012/13, and I thought you'd like to hear what I said to the person asking me:
"I am always really happy to get to know people interested in the IBT/M and to recommend it. It was really an important launch pad / "Sprungbrett" for me getting started with my own business as a trainer/facilitator/consultant. It was a big door opener for me in many ways: I loved the content/teaching methods, love the people I have met and connected with (privately and professionally) and the piece of paper I received in the end was even all I needed to get a job at a Business School teaching Intercultural Competence."
Thanks again!

Guestbook filled by _Tanja Wehr - Sketchnotelovers am 05.26.2015; 18:13:48 h

Webinare Free-learning

Liebe Susanne, lieber Gary,

mein Englisch ist nicht gut genug um eloquent meine Begeisterung kund zu tun, daher nun auf diesem Weg und auf deutsch:

VIELEN DANK für die lehrreichen und unterhaltsamen Webinare und die Möglichkeit so interessante Schwerpunkte zu den Themen Openers und Interaktivität in virtuellen Meetings kennenzulernen.

Mir hat es Spaß gemacht und ich bin gerne wieder dabei.

Vielen Dank für diesen Service

Beste Grüße aus Göttingen

Guestbook filled by _Annamaria Simioli am 12.19.2014; 22:23:51 h

International HR Guestbook

IBT/M has been a very enriching experience for me from both a personal and a learning point of view. I enjoyed any single module.

Prior to the training, I was given by Gary very professional and exhaustive information regarding the contents as well as the participants. Gary, how right you were in saying that the group would be very likely to fit me! Our group was so well sorted and, in my opinion, the attention given to the different personalities is definitely a value add and a good basis for a successful training.

Both Gary and Susanne have been wonderful trainers capable of providing a wide know-how in a such an interesting and fun way. Warm-ups, theory, practical exercises, feedbacks: a perfect balance between theory and practice.
Therefore, I can highly recommend the IBT/M to anyone willing to gain a solid knowledge as an intercultural coach or also to all those leading crosscultural teamworks. You will learn a lot on how to moderate, how to deal with different kinds of participants, how to set-up a training, how to keep the audience`s attention high, just to mention a few contents. And, most important, you will be able to improve your interpersonal skills as you will learn that there is no right or wrong but simply different ways of looking at things!

Susanne, Gary: THANK YOU so much for making IBT/ such an enjoyable experience to me!

All the best to you


Guestbook filled by _Alfred Helmerich am 11.18.2014; 12:11:42 h

International HR Guestbook

Dear Gary,
Dear Susanne,
Dear Bettina,

it has been the 12th time we have had the Leading Intercultural Teams workshop and it had been the 12th success.
Our employees always give the training the highest marks and say it is the best training they have visited, ever.
It is absolutely amazing how you manage to bring to life and fruition the topic of intercultural awareness and teach us intercultural competence for virtual and real teams.

Thank you all

Guestbook filled by _Anna Lena Löhr am 11.13.2014; 18:29:44 h

International HR Guestbook

IBT/M is the best training I have ever attended: fully packed with information, enough room to practice and try out, and plenty of helpful feedback from both the trainers and the group. A big THANK YOU to Gary, Susanne and Brigitte – you are a wonderful trainer team!!

Best regards,

Guestbook filled by _Alessandra Bonezzi am 11.12.2014; 09:47:30 h

International HR Guestbook

Wonderful IBT/M seminar and wonderful trainers! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make a difference in her/his work with new trainining approaches and techniques.

Guestbook filled by _Dipl. Psych. Hartwig Kinder am 11.11.2014; 22:15:41 h

International HR Guestbook

Ich kenne Gary seit nun schon einigen Jahren. Zusammen mit Susanne Dranaz brachte er mir interkulturelles Arbeiten nahe. Er verfügt nicht nur über profunde Kenntnisse, nein, er versteht sie auch noch äußerst unterhaltsam "rüber zu bringen". Susannes und seine Trainings sind ein Genuss für den Verstand und die Sinne. Ich freue mich ihn zu kennen, nicht nur als Trainer und hochanständigen Geschäftsmann, sondern als Freund und Partner.

Beste Wünsche an Susanne und Deine liebe Familie,

Hartwig Kinder

Guestbook filled by _Tijana Kovacevic, Vodafone Group Services GmbH am 10.27.2014; 11:41:05 h

International HR Guestbook

Dear team,

On behalf of my team, I'd like to thank you for organizing cultural trainings that fully met our needs. On top of being professional, our trainer Emily Slate, brought good spirit into our team and made the whole experience valuable and fun. I believe that the outcome of those trainings will improve future cooperation with recently joined Indian colleagues.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Guestbook filled by _Heike Munk am 07.14.2014; 17:23:35 h

International HR Guestbook

Dear assist international Team,

good work you've done with the relaunch of your website. Information is easy to find.
I appreciated the education to the Intercultural Trainer IBTM. Good work from the whole team until the certificate.

Good luck to you all.
The best

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